21 August  2014
Two new books in 2015 .


First all We want to apologise for our working progress.....the last two years have been a period of research and study of possibilities of new kind of release.

Coming in 2015 two new books from Teenagers Hero Publishing are planned.

The First will be a different kind of project with focus on early 1956 a sort of update of the previous book.
In the specific Steve Rino is working on the  first three months of 1956, for a  large format
400 pages book.
The book will be part of a larger  package.....

The Second one will be the follow up to the acclaimed and much discussed Teenagersí Hero.
In the  specific Steve Rino is working  on  July and August 1956, for a large format 400 pages book.

More details about booth the books  SOON AS POSSIBLE.....

As everybody understand, We are doing  a very hard work in matter to deliver some unique and definitive, for this reason  we need all the possible help. Anybody  have any kind of material about the period and want to share it with us, can drop a line directly to Steve Rino.




Teenagersí Hero Vol.1 and the June1973 books are still available to order on the web or through your usual dealer, if you donít yet have donít miss the opportunity!!!











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